Questions & Answers

  1. Q-How many bundles should I order?           A- The longer the bundles the less dense they are. If ordering hair longer the 14" you may need 3 to 4 bundles to complete a desired look. When using a closure 2 to 3 bundles may be sufficient.
  2. Q- What does the 10A and 9A stand for in the hair description?                                          A- Those are used to describe the grade of hair. While they are both high quality hair grades. 10A grade is the highest quality you can buy.
  3. Q-How long will it take before I receive my order?                                                                  A- Your order will process within 24 hrs of receiving payment. You will receive it within 3 to 5 business day(excluding weekends and Holidays).
  4. Q- Do you offer refunds or exchanges?           A- Yes, we offer both. Please check REFUND POLICY for more information.
  5. Q- What if I receive the wrong items/ missing items?                                                   A-  We must receive notification of order mishap within 15 business days of  received purchase. After this time period we are not liable.
  6. Q-Why does my hair look shorter than the length I ordered?                                                 A- Curly or textured hair doesn't appear to be try length because of the wave/curl pattern. Please stretched the hair out straight (from weft to tip) when measuring the length.